User-generated content for brands and
Frisbuy lets brands and audience use social content and sell online more effectively.

Content matters
E-commerce uses different content sources to drive marketing strategy
Native and most trustable content
Quality and rich content
People follow and trust the content from opinion leaders
Content of your partners and resellers

Collecting and Matching
Use Frisbuy to collect social content from Instagram according to different parameters (hashtags, geolocations, mentions). Or collect UGC directly from your site or mobile app users.

Machine learning algorithms analyze pictures and find your products on them.
Provide user friendly admin panel for content curation. Or we can take over these issues for you.

We request permission to use the content on site automatically and publish it only after obtaining permission.

Use Content

Publish earned content to different channels, including your website, mobile app, email and social channels.
Content Analytics
We analyze content by 25 parameters on all the way of customers journey: from first clicks to online sales.

Join leading brands and use the power of visual content for your online sales.

Join leading brands and use the power of visual content in your online sales
Motivate customers to make posts with your products during SMM contest and campaigns. Collect this content and publish right on site to drive sales.
We know how much attention you pay to your Visual Social network content.

You may use your high-converting and trustworthy content publishing it in different customer touch points that provides a new experience like in social networks.

Product page is the place where your customers make a decision to buy. They would like to get enough information not only on characteristics, but more on how your product looks like in real life, what ways they can use it and who already bought it.
Your customers are the main source of the most valuable and inspirational content - UGC.

According to researchers, UGC is one of the best ways to increase the conversion rate in online sales.

Frisbuy solves all UGC issues and deals with their right holders.

And the best way to give them this information is to show real looks from real customers in social networks who already bought this product (UGC) just exactly where they need it - on the product page.
Join leading brands and use the power of visual content in your online sales