Visual Search for eCommerce

Monetizing the inspiration: from a glimpse caught in the street or on social networks to the purchase in your online shop in 1 click

People make choices based on what they see
They are often driven by impulses and want to find the object of their inspiration instantly
Visual Search
Deep Tagging
Automatically classifies all fashion items from the uploaded image and matches them up with certain goods' category.
Classification of Clothing
Website visitors fail to describe what they want. In this respect text search loses to visual search, when a customer can find the required item using a picture or a social network link.
To give your customer a choice, to offer an alternative for a sold-out item or even to find a blouse that matches the pants — all of this is a way to cross-sell and upsell naturally and involving no manual efforts.
Identifies all item parameters of the uploaded image, finds resembling items in the catalog. AI technology automatically assigns tags and attributes for each of the uploaded pictures and for every fashion item from the image.
Computer vision technologies allow you to provide a new level of convenience to your customers.
Visual Recommendations
How does visual search boost online shop metrics?
to the Product views
to Return visits

o to AOV

By 2021, brands that redesign their websites to support visual and voice search will increase digital commerce revenue by 30 percent.
eMarketer, Gartner
Customers fail to find what they need and leave
Customers discover only 30% of the goods in the catalog just because text search technology doesn't allow to perform better.

With the help of visual search the whole catalog is accessible for shopping.

Visual Search in Social Networks
Help people choose an image where they've come across it and where they are most comfortable to communicate and follow their inspiration — in the Social Networks.

Chat-bot with an installed visual search will help to find the right look and offer similar products instantly.

Cross-platform usage

Different devices — same goal: to quickly find what you need.

Visual search technology is available on the website, in the mobile app, on offline displays — on any device and OS

Give customers what they are looking for - monetize the power of inspiration.
Join the fastest growing brands.
Visual Search Demo
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